Liana Morris takes emotions and experiences and weaves them into songs. Dancing Naked in
the Rain, her first album, says it all, putting yourself out there and bearing your soul for
everyone to see and being at peace with that. Her songs don’t fit into one genre, so they take you
on a journey from one emotion to the next.  Carri Coltrane describes Liana’s song #47 as
“Remember when we were kids and when the ride was over a nice man came over and unlocked
the only thing holding us in - the hand rail gate, no seat belts? This may sound crazy, but it's
how I listen, the listener, i.e. me, feels safe and taken care of while on the emotional roller
coaster ride of the lyric.”
Liana Morris has been writing songs for 27 years and singing for just as long. She has studied
voice and music theory with various instructors along the way.  She was encouraged to share
her music with the public by her friends in college. Liana fronted for a local cover band called
“The Runaways” in the 1990s playing classic rock and country. In 1999, she decided to go solo
and acoustic to do more of her own songs. For the past five years, Liana has been busy writing,
singing and getting back into the swing of things.
Currently, Liana is playing coffee houses, clubs, house concerts and fairs.  She played at the
Stratham Fair last summer. Liana attended a songwriters retreat in August of 2015 hosted by
singer/songwriter Catie Curtis and she will be attending the retreat again this July. A few new
songs came out of the retreat. Liana was in the studio again last Fall to record her second
album, Home! Home is available now!!! Witch of Deer Isle and Wash Me Over are two favorites
from the album. She is also promoting her debut album, Dancing Naked in the Rain which was
released in February 2014. Both albums are available on iTunes, CD Baby and Amazon.
The future is music for Liana Morris. Singing and writing songs are a passion. A passion
committed to sharing her songs in whatever manner that may take because that’s what it’s all
about. Music is a gift we are given to give to others. So, when “Dancing Naked in the Rain” gets
stuck in your head, go for it! (Just don’t get arrested.)
That's Liana with her first guitar back in 1982!
Liana Morris